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Philip Press has a proven track record of accomplishment in solving process and product development problems and implementing quality assurance tools to increase yield, reduce costs, speed new product introductions, and improve profitability.

Philip has been an independent statistical consultant since 1997, specializing in application of statistical methodology and design of experiments to product and process development, manufacturing cost and yield improvement, process validation, process optimization, statistical quality control and training in statistical methodology and design of experiments.

He has assisted clients in commercializing new products and implementing improved processes more quickly and effectively. Application of statistical design of experiments has enabled clients to optimize their processes for maximum performance, and to develop optimal product formulations. Expertise in use of these tools provides clients with enhanced understanding of process relationships and performance trade-offs.

Implementation of statistical sampling plans has enabled clients to meet regulatory compliance requirements in a cost-effective manner. Assistance in the use of statistical process control has driven improved product quality.

  • Manufacturing Cost and Yield Improvement

  • Process Optimization

  • Process Validation

  • Product and Process Development

  • Statistical Quality Control and Training

World-Class Consulting Expertise

Philip is recognized for his ability to effectively communicate statistical concepts and conclusions. His background in chemical engineering, in addition to statistics, enhances his understanding of client requirements and his focus on effective solutions.

He has successfully trained Research and Development staff and integrated statistical design of experiments methodology into R&D organizations of several major corporations. He has trained more than five hundred engineers, scientists and technicians in North America, Europe and Asia in experimental design, statistical concepts and statistical process control.
Some of his clients across North America, Europe, and Asia include:

Chemical Process Industry

  • GCP Applied Technologies
  • W.R. Grace & Company
  • Flint Ink Corporation
  • Heraeus Electro-Nite in Belgium
  • Theo Pouw bv in the Netherlands
  • Five Star Products Inc

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Sector

  • Bard Access Systems
  • Eisai, Inc.
  • Grifols Inc
  • GE Healthcare
  • HTD Biosystems
  • Amulet Pharmaceuticals
  • R2Derm

Quick Service Restaurant Sector

  • McDonald’s Corporation
  • Long John Silver’s Restaurants, Inc.

Seasoned Consultant

Philip holds BS and MS degrees in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University and has taken extensive graduate level courses in Statistics and Operations Research. He is the author or co-author of 15 publications.
Prior to becoming an independent consultant, he established and managed a Statistical and Mathematical Modeling internal consulting group at The Research Division of WR Grace & Company, which was recognized for its accomplishments among all major product lines of the company.

Philip is also the president of Experimentation By Design LLC, which markets and supports ECHIP software for Statistical Design of Experiments. ECHIP is designed for scientists and engineers, with a user-friendly interface and with extensive capabilities for design, analysis and optimization of processes and formulations.


  • A government standards agency changed specifications for a construction product and gave manufacturers 18 months to meet challenging new performance metrics. After spending one year evaluating over 700 unsuccessful formulations trying to meet the requirements, the client engaged Philip Press. He designed and analyzed a comprehensive 54 trial experimental design which successfully reformulated the product to meet the new regulatory requirements. Predicted performance was verified at pilot and production scale, saving a $20 million business. The project was completed in three months.
    As an added bonus, a derivative product based on predictions from the designed experiment was also commercialized for entry into a new multi-million dollar market.

  • A European manufacturing facility which produced a medical device received an import ban from the FDA, shutting down its major market. Philip created protocols and statistical rationales for process validation experiments and developed statistical sampling plans for incoming raw materials and finished products. Based on our work, the FDA lifted the import ban, allowing the company to resume product shipments.

  • After several years of effort, a pilot plant for an innovative pollution control process was unable to meet the required performance metrics for commercialization. Philip conducted multivariate statistical analysis of data from the process to establish key process variables and demonstrate that the process, as practiced, would not meet required conversion targets, countering the “hope and dreams” desire by the project leaders to continue the effort. Based on Philip’s analysis, management cancelled the project, saving several million dollars of additional investment.